Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Evil in Elmshire Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6 - Parte 2 - The Cruel Sea

Cargo Deck
  • Repel Boarders
  • Ninja Wizards Stun Ogres
  • Ballistas Teams make Merry
  • Difficult Terrain and the Fog of War make Ulric's Day

Quarter Deck
  • The Army of One - Brother Kelly
  • Clerical Wrath leaves a Hole in the Floor
  • Underdeck Subterfuge
  • Brother Kelly and Ulric spot somethings familiar
  • Evil Doers Do Evil
  • A Game of Ogres and Ladders

Poop Deck
  • Priests of Iuz and the Magic Circle
  • Demon Portal ruptures Reality
  • Five Mezzodemons Step Lively
  • Keemor Against the Demons
  • Ulric Likes Greek Fire
  • The Priest of Iuz Stands Tough
  • The Poop Deck is Ablaze
  • Mezzodemons Run Riot Against The Freed Slaves
  • 2 Vrock Demons appear
  • Caerendil Uses his Head, Keemor Loses His
  • Control of the Portal is arrested by Keemor the Ninja Wizard
  • Dancing Demons
  • Keemor unleashes the Demons upto a unsuspecting Dirkwood
  • However Demon Pain is also Keemor's Pain
  • Keemor decides to Close the Portal Sharpish
  • The Priest of Iuz is dragged into, Ulric pilfers her Necklace

The Rescue Ship
  • The Search for Personal Items
  • Who amongst you is Rich? :)
  • The Getaway
  • The Dragon Flight Give Chase
  • Ancient Lightning Engines Prove their Worth
  • The Black Sail Fleet 
  • Arcane Wind Narrows Gap (similarity between this scenario and the bit after the Sack of Imyrr in 'The Weird of the White Wolf' is purely coincidental :))
  • Sacrifice Slaves or Save Slaves...what would the Paladin do? :)

Fleet Manuvers
  • The Allied Nations Picket Ship
  • Iron Keg and Explanations
  • 20 Black Sails against 10 White Sails (Plus a Sub and a Smaller One)
  • The Bilge Rats ( Admiral of the Fleet and still Vampire Smeller Pursuivant, Sir Caerendil Elandianor and Rear Admiral Ulric 'Burntbeard' von Kronos)
  • Nasty Things Below
  • Rudder Smashing and Tentacle Dodging
  • The Fleets Meet
  • Allied Ships Packed with Able Seaman
  • The Tide Turns
  • Dragon Flight Goes Airborne
  • The Tide Recedes
  • Iron Keg Brains a Kraken
  • Evil Entity
  • Capital Ships Come with Mages
  • Black Dragon Down
  • Victory! 
  • Au Revoir Mon Ami, the Iron Keg is no more as the Bard plays a dirge on his Bugle (Ulric averts his eyes)
  • Survivors Picked up and Homeward Bound

Heroes of Greyhawk
  • Ursa gives the Party 5K gps each in Pearls for rescuing him.
  • The Keys to the City of Greyhawk come with Free Magical Items!
  • Meet the new Ambassador of Geoff, Starfast Chaos-Destroyer
  • Meet the new Master Thief of the River Quarter (nudge nudge wink wink) Dirkwood Littlelegs
  • The new Bard Residence 
  • The new Fellow of Storm Magics
  • Dirkwood sacrifices 1000gp to Hermes in gratitude
  • Brother Kelly takes note and sacrifices 4000gps to Heimdall in gratitude
  • Ulric takes note and sacrifices 5000gps!!!! in Pearls to Thor...says something about them being crap gob stoppers!
  • Baron Quentin made Military Attache to newly arrived Ambassador of Keoland. Job comes with a sash and as much Ferro Roches as his stomach can handle.
  • Teckcos Tik becomes 'Special Advisor' to the Ambassador of Keoland.
  • KC is paid no mind by rest of party as she is *only* a freed slave right? If she was a member of the party she'd have the same colour cloak right? :)