A secret report within the Scarlet Brotherhood...

Sir Garrick Kelly of Almor (Brother Kelly)
12th Level Human Cleric (Radiant Servant) of Heimdall

Born in the Prelacy of Almor, this Priest of Heimdall is one of the original party members that took on the Cult of the Reptile God in Orlane (Keoland) and triumphed. Brother Kelly is armoured in heavy Scale Armour and wields a Divine Giant Slaying Bastard Sword in battle. He is also a skilled horseman (both of land based and airborne steeds).

After moving to the City of Greyhawk, the priest joined the Knights of Holy Shielding as he felt they shared similar aims to his own. Initiated into the Order he was renamed Sir Garrick Kelly of Almor to reflect his new standing.

Ulric Von Kronos
12th Level Dwarf Fighter (Pit Fighter)

Ulric harks from the distant Archbarony of Ratik. What brings the pugnacious dwarf this far west is unknown to both friends and foes alike and perhaps Ulric prefers to keep it that way. What is more commonly known about the dwarf is his prodigious strength and the explosive artistry of his axe. He is brave, stubborn and generally unsubtle and prefers using raw power to overcome his enemies. He reveres the God of Thunder, Thor and makes regular sacrifices to Him.

Cærendil Elandianor
12th Level Half-Elf Bard (Life Singer)

Cærendil Elandianor was born in Dreadwood, a sizeable area of woodland straddling the border between the Kingdom of Keoland and the Hold of the Sea Princes. Progeny of an Elvish mother and a Human father, Cærendil exhibits the breadth of talents associated to the Half-Elven.

The Bard has been with the party since the very beginning and it is through his tales of daring and songs of battle that so much of information on the party's exploits has been collated.

Dirkwood Littlelegs
12th Level Halfling Rogue (Cat Burglar)

Dirkwood Littlelegs hails from Elmshire, a sizeable settlement of halflings close to the City of Greyhawk. Dirkwood spent time in his youth as a runner between the Mayors of Greyhawk and Elmshire. This is how he was introduced to Nerof Gasgal (Mayor of Greyhawk) and consequently to the notorious Thieves Guild of that city.

Nerof saw potential in the raw, young halfling and personally trained him in all pursuits a good thief should be capable of. After completing his training he ventured South and eventually met the members of the party listed above.

Baron Quentin Nibble-Pibbly
12th Level Human Paladin (Justiciar)

Quentin was born to a poor farming couple in the Kingdom of Keoland. It is from these humble beginnings that the Knight rose to prominence to become the pivotal figure in the epic Battle of Longspear. This day the Yeomandry was spared the fate of Geoff and Sterich (The Giant Troubles) and Keoland's southern flank was secured from further humaniod incursions.

He was made a Baron for his courageous actions that day and given lands and a Keep (Candle Keep) in the sparesly populated area north of the Rushmoors. Currently he is the Military Attache to the Ambassador of Keoland in Greyhawk.

Tekcos Tik
12th Level Human Psion (Time Bender)

Tekcos was born in the distant land of Tusmit in the west. What brings him out this far east is anyone's guess as he, personally, does not dwell on his past. Tekcos has mastered a form of magic that is unknown to the lands of the Flanaess and is something of an enigma to it's foremost arcane scholars. He willingly submits to observation at the Keoland University of Magicks in Niole Dra in exchange for time and materials to persue his own studies.

That he has been selected to form part of the Keoland Ambassador's entourage in the City of Greyhawk indicates that he has put down firm roots in his adopted homeland.

Keemor the Mage
12th Level Eladrin Wizard (Spellstorm Mage)

Keemor has the same birthplace as the Caerendil the bard, namely Dreadwood in southern Keoland. The mage however is a full blood Eladrin and a specialist in Lightning Magics. Not overly fond of melee combat, Keemor prefers to position himself out of harm's way and then from this secure position rain down lightning and storm magics on his enemies (and anyone else who is unfortunate enough to be in the blast area).

Keemor is a logical and pragmatic individual and asked whether maiming or stunning his own allies is a good strategem, the mage replies haughtily, 'Well I kill some of theirs as well'.

Korbin Shortshanks
12th Level Halfling Rogue (speciality unknown)

Korbin Shortshanks is a young cousin of Dirkwood Littlelegs and is also from Elmshire. As skilled in the ways of the rogue as his more renowned uncle, young Korbin displays greater aptitude and prowess in the ways of the daggar (his uncle favouring dual shortswords).

Having found and then followed his uncle from Keoland across the Flanaess to Greyhawk and then into and out of the fell Lands of Iuz, the young halfling has had to learn a great deal in the last year and quickly. That he has prospered in this demanding environment is a testament to his abilities.

12th Level Human Sorceress (Blizzard Mage)

Little is known of the human female known as "Casey" (if that be her true name) either within the City of Greyhawk or beyond it's encompassing walls. Indeed the woman is something of an mystery to our agents as they have, to date, find no traces of her ancestry or previous whereabouts. She appeared in the City circa CY 590 and began working as a purveyor of information to interested parties. Incuring the wrath of one of these parties (possibly and most probably the Rhenee) she found herself thrust into an uneasy alliance with the personages mentioned above during her incarceration in the lands of Iuz.

Upon gaining her freedom, Casey appears to have returned to her previous profession and currently resides at the Green Dragon Inn in the River Quarter. Our agents track her movements relentlessly in order that the Father shalt attain a fuller knowledge.