Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Evil in Elmshire Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6 - Parte 1 - Sweeping the Deeps

The Inverted Ziggurat
Something Ancient
Stone Sentinels and Dwarven Hospitality
The Great Tear
Lord of the Sahuagin
  • Bard hobnobs with the Lord
  • Party in cage
  • Ulrich gives hassle to the orks
  • Lightning spells under water does not do work (only differently).
Team Sacrifice
  • Party thrown to the sharks but not before
  • Korbin rolls natural 20 to remove guard's weapons' belt on way into pool
  • Ulrich takes some with him
  • Tik blasts them into the water
  • KC steals dagger and kills the guard with it (Natural 20)
  • Bard does a 10/10 swan dive into pool
  • Tekcos does a belly buttock flop into the pool after a cool 'Dive then Teleport Away' plan goes "belly up". 8-)
The Sub
  • Certain party members get in sub
  • Tik, KC, Korbin + Hobbit collective shut out
  • Sharks killed. KC kills an ork as well
  • Keemor considers recharging the subs failed power cells via the sub-console - but under watch
Urza Jaddo
  • Meet dwarf in stasis field
  • Gives us some stuff.
  • Removes anti-magic rune from KC
The Ragnarok Engine
  • Background explained
Korbin's Collective
  • Korbin takes control of his hobbits
Retrieving the fuel a.k.a. let's go shopping
  • Bypass some robots by swimming over them
  • Lots of shopping
  • Ulrich has remote control for robot, now called ?
Retrieving the ring or who let this lunatic drive?
  • Go and get ring
  • Ulrich runs over party and Paladin … twice.
  • Sahuagin and Bigby's Icy Grasp get on small sub.  Bigby enforces strict door policy
  • KC blasts them out (plus various party members)
The Collective know where the other Artefacts are
  • Now they tell us!
  • We find lots of hobbits there
Let's conquer Iuz my precious
  • Party members possessed by items
  • Keemor puts them to sleep and then fog descends
  • Explosion in fog
  • Oldie gnome and hobbit dies. Bard drops Sword
  • Tik gathers all the items
  • Keemor just has to hold Sceptre so gets possessed.
  • KC distracts Keemor while Tik removes Sceptre
  • Much shouting by Paladin
Ramming speed if you please boson von Himmler

  • Party insult Sahuagin so they follow us to assault floating town.
  • We have fun shooting it up and ramming
  • 'chain moving ability : not good'
"Lift on 3...1...2...3" 
*Ulric rolls a 2*
"Arghhh! Sh1tfeckb0ll0cks!!! Arghh!"
"Once more, ok. Take the strain. 1...2....3..."
*Sir Quentin rolls a 1*
"Feckrentboypaladin...do it properly this time...ok...1....2....3"
*Sir Quentin, inevitably, rolls a 1*
"Twatboybugg3ryb0ll0cks just lift the fecking chain you GAF!!!!"
"It's my back...it's definitely gone this time!"
"Lift the feckin CHAIN you UTTER GAF"
"No it's real bad...I used to have to get Dinkle-Winkle to walk up and down on my spine...that sorted it out"
"£$%£$%£$^ CHAIN!!!!! NOW!!!!!"
"Actually I don't suppose you'd mind if...?"
*Ulric in a fit of RAGE lifts and attaches the chain, as Sir Quentin hobbles back into the sub in search of a comfy and supportive chair*
  • We have cut command ship out ready for assault
Che Shortshanks and Fidel Tik in Viva La Marina!
  • Elsewhere Hobbit collective, Tik and Brother Kelly start a rebellion in slave domes.
  • 'the slaves are not budging, not interested...you've cut the air supply?!!!..ok their moving now'

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