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Evil in Elmshire Chapter 3.3

Chapter 3 - Parte 3 - The Stench of Evil

The party enjoy the evening of drinking and feasting at the Black Dragon Inn immensely, in addition to the general merrymaking, a few people gleam useful information from drunken patrons.

The Iuzian Ambassador gives off a strong repulsive body odour. His residency (originally the Shield Lands embassy) is home to many fiends and demons. The ambassador is rarely seen during daylight hours (Vampire note Ulric and the Bard 8-))

The current leader of the Rhenee is one Zorran Sorraith, his most unusual feature is a ragged scar running around his throat, the result of a previous assassination attempt. He lives on his barge in Barge End where the rest of the Rhenee are moored. He has 2 wives and is always accompanied by 4 bodyguards. ..and on most accounts he regarded by most of the common people in Greyhawk as a 'wrong un', into all kinds of nefarious activity and possibly in league with Iuz too. The Rhenee are a close knit bunch and will always rally behind their leader.

Sometime during the evening a particular table in the feast hall draws the attention of many in the party. One, because a strange odour seems to emanate from one of the patrons seated there, a fat merchant by his clothing & gaudy jewelry and two, because they are obviously here keeping tabs on the party in a surreptitious way. When accosted, the group feign disinterest but also avoid any form of confrontation no matter the subtle barbs sent their way by the various party members.

The party digest this information and retire for the night. Some with female companionship...others without 8-). The night passes peacefully, well as peacefully as it can with the Bard's limbs wrapped around 3 serving wenches on a particularly old and squeaky king sized bed.

Next morning the party go there separate ways having many differing chores to conduct, any thoughts of being followed and possibly mugged alone and without backup are cast aside as all agree that attacking someone in broad daylight just isn't cricket (whatever cricket is).

Starfast and Korbin head to the Greyhawk 'High Market' for some top drawer haggling of magic items.

Tekcos Tik pays a visit to the 'Grey College', the foremost academic college in Greyhawk and there makes a surprising and substantial gift to it's coffers. He is made a honourary fellow of the college on the spot!

Keemor the Mage pays a visit to the Greyhawk Magic University following a uneasy meeting with a representative at the Black Dragaon Inn the night before. He walks to the structure and finds it to be a 3 sided pyramid with no visible a loss, the mage is about to leave when he suddenly teleported inside and finds himself shaking hands with an old gentleman with a very long beard.

So you a mage? askes the scholar, 'yes' offers Keemor tentatively. Whats your business in Greyhawk?, taken aback by the man's brashness, Keemor replies 'I'm journeyman mage and my business is my own' somewhat heatedly.

Fear not Master Mage, we at the University like to keep tabs on new Magic Users arriving in Greyhawk in a chance to learn anything new that may be occurring in the World Wide Web of Magic. What particular branch of magic do you specialise in?

Keemor relaxes somewhat and explains that he's into 'Lightning' and Storm magics. He particularly likes to combine fighters in metal armour with his lightening bolt spell...he finds that nothing else quite hits the spot. The burly scholar laughs before giving Keemor a brief tour of the University's facilities. He is then transported back outside.

Brother Kelly finishes his morning prayers at the large, robust structure that is the Temple of Heimdall in Greyhawk. He requests a few words with the High Priest and his boon is granted. After the meeting, the Cleric (note not 'Priest' anymore 8-)) leaves the edifice of the Temple sporting a new shiny +1 Holy Symbol of Heimdall but also the accursed Holy Symbol of Iuz that the Priests of Heimdall don't seems to want. On his journey to the Black Dragon Inn, neither do the Merchants or Beggars on the street. At a loss, the Cleric finally drops the evil memento down a storm drain and into Greyhawk's impressive sewerage system.

Around lunchtime the various members of the party return from their many wanderings (strangely unharmed)  and congeal together before partaking lunch.  Next on the itinerary is the meeting with the Mayor's man in the River Quarter and it is to this rendevous that the party now beat feet to.   

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