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Evil in Elmshire Chapter 4.4

Chapter 4 - Parte 4 - Throwdown in SewerTown

The party re-converge at the Black Dragon Inn in the Clerksberg area of Greyhawk. They exchange the small nuggets of information that each disparate group as ascertained. Baron Quentin details the attack of the chain wielding Rennee Assassin and his untimely demise during questioning by Brother Kelly and Korbin Shortshanks. Several party members exchange glances and ask the knight were he was during this period and why he didn't apply his healing hands?

'Off bagging me a Ketish Rug for Candle Keep!', beams the Paladin, patting the rolled up furnishing by his side. 'Its a fine piece of workmanship and will improve the study no end!'.

Several party members again exchange worried glances, Keemor the Mage digests this bit of information and stores it away for a time it may be become useful.

The rest of the party describe their time in the River Rat Tavern, the sly attacks instigated by the Renee, Weedol abrupt disappearance, the magic use and subsequent riot outside the Tavern, Ulric approach of the Renee and the discussion about meeting their headman.

The boys decide to wait for nightfall and return for the meeting with Tomas Jarek, the Master Thief of the River Quarter, to see what information their money has bought and then decide what other leads to follow up.

The afternoon passes quietly with the party readying arms and armour and the Paladin brushing down and cleaning his new, expensive *rug*.

Come evening, the party form up and trudge back down towards the River Quarter. Moving through the 'Strip', Weedol the Mage spies new Notices adorning many Message boards along the bustling thoroughfare.

The Notice offers a reward for any information leading to the capture of a rogue Mage, whom earlier that day had instigated a riot in the strip and more importantly had deployed illegal magics in doing so. Greyhawk City Law takes a dim view of such activities and the offered reward is thus substantial.

Each notice has a rough drawing of the wanted Mage, which to be fair, only just barely shows a slight, slight resemblance to the Elven Mage. But alas, Keemor the Mage becomes scared and when Keemor the Mage becomes scared, people die!!, he does some shopping.

Keemor calls for the party to halt, whilst he himself heads off into a tailors and emerges a short time afterwards sporting a new, blue bandanna. He presents himself to his fellow adventurers. They look the elven mage up and down and then slowly shakes their heads.

Keemor resumes his place within the party and the group continue to wind their way down towards Jarek's warehouse. Through the hustle and bustle of the Strip, Keemor of the Bandana spies another one of those pesky Notice posters. Wanted mage, illegal magics, riot, reward, blah blah blah...the picture of the wanted mage however now sports a bandanna worn in the same style and fashion as Keemor of the Bandanna!?

Keemor of the Bandanna becomes scared and when Keemor of the Bandanna becomes scared people die!!, does some shopping , uses his Cantrip spell to deface the poster, smudging and blurring the artist's impression....which after a while begins to repair itself!!, what!, argh! panic!

Keemor of the Badanna becomes even more scared, and looks around furtively like a cornered rat. He spies the Bard looking at him with a wide, knowing smile. He looks at the rest of the party whom can barely suppress their giggling.

YOU BASTADS! exclaims the mage, as a surge of relief courses through him.

The party all have a good chortle, slap the Mage's back repeatedly and ruffle his hair. Japes and Hijinkery over, the party then all decide to go home and have some tea.

Well no, they don't, but it makes for a pleasing image. 8-)

Ok back into character,  the party finally arrive at Jarek's warehouse. The gruff Master Thief is there waiting for them. Without fanfare or pleasantries, be begins to regale the party on what he has managed to learn about the Rennee and their involvement with the halfling abductions.

Rennee *are* involved in the kidnappings in Elmshire, the captured halflings are trafficked through Greyhawk and out into boats heading across the Nyr Dyr lake. He suspects that the Rennee may be also be in collusion with the Ambassader of Iuz as he has learnt that several meetings have taken place between the two groups within the Greyhawk sewers.

He has learnt of once such meeting scheduled for this very night in which Zorran Sorraith, the nominal leader of the Rennee will be present. He implies that he knows the route that Zorran will be taking and could lead the party to an place in the sewers where they might be able to ambush the Rennee party...for the right price...

Cearendil the bard listening to the Jarek's words glances into the Master Thief's calculating eyes and has a Proust Madeleine moment. He is shocked to his core as the sensation feels as vivid to him as the lute struts pressing into the small of his back. Tomas Jarek is lying, lying through his teeth. He keeps this revelation to himself and listens to what the party intentions to this news will be.

'Well that's that, the first tangible lead we've had', states Ulric, 'I say we grasp this opportunity with both hands, find his fule and then mash the feck outta him!

'Besides, I love sewers me', beams the doughty Dwarven Warrior.

No objections are raised, and while Caerendil does discuss his suspicions of Jarek's offer with Brother Kelly in private, the pair decide to keep the information to themselves and see what transpires.

The party decide to take up Jarek' s offer and part with another 5 platinum pieces. Jarek and a small band of his henchmen lead the party through Greyhawk's extensive sewer system to the *ambush* point. The Sewers are dark and smelly, but so what else is new? After a few hours, the group near the ambush area. Jarek motions towards the area that the ambush should be set, nearby there is a large whirlpool of effluent gurgling into an exit pipe...

The party move cautiously towards and into the ambush area, Jarek and his shadowy cohorts disappear into the gloom.

In the darkness, in the silence, the party pick up the sounds of splashing footsteps approaching them from an adjoining tunnel. This is it, thinks Korbin as he quietly unsheaths his throwing knives.

A sudden light banishes the darkness. As the party gape around them, a tall, thin pale skinned man dressed in dark dirty robes emerges from within a small cave. Two hulking orcs armed with massive brutal looking axes step out to stand beside him

A whispering voice emerges from within his papery throat...

'We would be honored if you would join us...'

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