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Evil in Elmshire Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4 - Parte 2 - With Great Power comes Great Vengence!!!!

The group heading to 'River Rat' tavern find the establishment fairly easily as it's just off the Strip. The Bard informs the party of his intention of going into the place disguised (using his hat) and alone but gives a rough idea of what he will look like just in case things get a little heated in there.

Entering into the drinking hall and finding a table, Starfast, Keemor, Teckos and the 2 Dwarves quickly take in the dingy but honest nature of the River Rat. It's not spit and shine in here by any means, mostly spit actually...however it does allude to being a solid drinking hole for people who like their drinking cheap and boisterous.

The Rhenee are present here and in large numbers, but so too are other folk of differing persuasions and this fact alleviate some fear within the party that they might be walking into a trap.

A stranger enters the bar, dressed in merchant's garb and sporting instantly forgettable facial features, the people in the bar clock him as 'unimportant' and thus return to their drinking. The stranger then minces across to the bar (the party immediately clock the Bard 8-)) and eventually enters into conversations with several Rhenee concerning the moving of certain items from "inside" Greyhawk to "outside" Greyhawk without the attracting the attention of the authorities. The Rhenne prove amiable to such a proposition and the Bard is lead to a dark corner to got through the many aspects of the required deal.

Meanwhile at the drinking table, drink and food is being partaken by the party as they try to keep to themselves. Eventually, and invaribly I guess, the nail that stick out begs to get hammered...and the nail in this case is determined to be Ulric. As the fell handed warrior is sipping his pint of  'Hog's Spit', a large, bearded man, who from his thundering demeanor and vomit stained clothes suggests a sailing profession of some kind, staggers across to him and then attempts to engage the Dwarf in polite conversation

'So, I 'ear that dwarfs breed by sh@gging their own that true?

*broken toothed smile*

Ulric calmy hands his tankard to Erlan before rising slowly from his seat. He then 'chins' the fellow into oblivion with one mighty right hook. The tavern's natural hubbub returns, and the unconscious sailor is dragged outside by the bar staff and there dumped into the nearest gutter.

About 30mins later, a similiar scenario is played out again, this time with Starfast decking another drunk. Caerendil from his little alcove notices that the Rhenee are encouraging non-Rhenee drunks to have a go at the party but steering clear of the party themselves.

Inexcorably, the time arrives when it is Keemor's turn to play role of the nail in this little game. However, this mage don't play that kinda game, as soon as two half-orcen drunks move towards him, without even waiting for them to say something, without even looking up, he unleashes a magic missile at the lead drunk. The missle whizzes over the head of the surprised half-orc before laying waste to a bottle of spirits behind the bar (Dabe: Magic Missile doesn't hit automatically? DM: Welcome to 4th Edition Mr Bell)

The bar goes quiet and all eyes turn to the mage seated uncomfortably at the table.

'OUT!' cries the Barman, 'we don't permit any magic use in here..Get Out before I summon the Miltia!

Keemor at a loss of what to do, watches Ulric rise from his perch, perch? seat and head to the bar, he smacks 2 platinum pieces down onto the barrelhead and shouts 'Drinks are on me!' The dwarf is soon engulfed by patrons rushing to the bar and it'll take him a while to make it back to the table thus allowing the 2 half-ocs the chance they require. The pair pull daggars and throw them solidly into the startled mage and before the party can react to this violent assault the pair rush outside.

Keemor the Mage is annoyed..and when Keemor the Mage is annoyed, people DIE!

The Eldarin Mage blinks from of tavern and out into the street. He spies the 2 fleeing half orcs and hits them with a Sleep spell, one assailent succumbs to the mind affecting magic and topples to the floor, the other appears groggy but continues to stagger away. Keemor begins to draw his daggar with the intention of slittng the helpless half-orcs throat, but before he gets the opportunity, cries of 'Magic Assault! "Call the Miltia!" echo around the street...

Keemor the Mage becomes suddenly fearful and when Keemor the Mage becomes suddenly fearful he does very unrational things, the mage begins reciting an incantation and then unleashes a spectacular and somewhat copious Wall of Fog along the entire length of 'the Strip'.

The cries of 'Militia' and 'Magic Use' soon turn into cries of panic and then into mass hysteria. Keemor is knocked against the wall of the River Rat tavern as a panicked stampede get underway on the street, screams and cries of pain puncuate the din of many raised and fearful voices.

The mage looks to return to the safety of the River Rat tavern but the faces of many shocked patrons crowded at the entrance put paid to that idea. Like a cornered Rat, by the River Rat, he whips up his robe, his mystic robe, his robe with the words 'Magic User 4 Life' inscribed on the back in large neon lettering and scarpers.

Meanwhile in the bar, the patrons returns to nurse their drinks as the commotion outside slowly begins to dissipate (much like the Wall of Fog I guess). The Strip is lined with the fallen and twisted bodies of many people (one of which is a half orc corpse), the injuried are tended too and the Watch arrive to co-ordinate the relief efforts and also to get a description of the culprit.

Still at the bar, within the press of people trying to get a drink, Ulric tries his hand at a bit of diplomacy, and gets chatting with a few Rhenee and inquires if there's anyway to meet their headman, their king? Why? He proffers that he has some important information that  Zorran might be interested in, it concerns the Rhenee Lord's dealing with Iuz...he wonders if they can set up a meet. The Rhenee present absorb this and tell the Dwarf to wait in the bar and they'll see what can be arranged.

Meanwhile, in the dark side streets of the River Quarter, a blood splattered mage runs away from the Strip and searches frantically for any form of  clothing shop. Eventually he finds one and purchases a new set of attire, general attire, boring non-showy kinda attire, the kind that wouldn't identify him as a mage in a million years. A calmer Keemor exits the tailor's shop and head at a more leisurely pace back the Black Dragon Inn.

In the bar, several hours pass, the disguised bard's dealing with the Rhenee eventually end in dead kinda end but Ulric gambit bears fruit and the Rhenee relay onto him that his information is indeed of interest to their boss Zorran Sorraith, he willing to meet the party in the wee hours, come back the River Rat then and my people will lead you to the meeting place.

Ulric agrees and the party depart the tavern and head back to the Black Dragon Inn.

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