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Evil in Elmshire Chapter 4.3

Chapter 4 - Parte 3 - The Chain is Mightier than the Sword(s)

During the time when a section of the party were enjoying the hospitality of the River Rat Tavern, another section of the party, the triad formed by Baron Quentin, Brother Kelly and Korbin Shortshanks ambled along the many side streets of Greyhawk and toward their destination of the Black Dragon Inn.

The small group is tailed by an assailant unknown (as before) and the trio decide that it is time to rectify this small nuisance. Quickly formulating a plan, Korbin slinks away from the company of the Divine Duo(tm) and secretes himself into shadows. Brother Kelly and Baron Quentin continue to traverse the streets gaily and seemingly oblivious to prying eyes and the trailing assailant. They angle their way towards a section of the city noted for it's *very* narrow streets and lack law enforcement.

Turning a corner in the twisting urban maze, the pair quickly move to a dark area nd await the arrival of their dogged shadow. Korbin from his vantage point, watches the hooded figure enter the confines of the labyrinth and after a short time moves to follow.

At one end of a narrow street, the Divine Duo, at the other end, a Stealthy Shortshanks, in the middle, somewhere, somplace, a unknown and possibly lethal quarry. Korbin unsheathes his shortsword before carefully and silently making his way up the dingy allyway. The young halfling keeps to the shadows and scans the gloom at every measured step.

Waiting, for fighters and men of action is always hard, and it doubly true for those blessed with the Divine Touch. What would Thor do?  Brother Kelly and Baron Quentin having waited for some time for the hooded assailant to reach then, decide in unison, that if Mr Assassin won't come to them, then they will bring the Word of the Lord(s) to him. The armoured pair draw swords together (oh-err) and retrace their step backup the darkened throughfare.

A time of patient and subtle movement finally brings the triumvirate face to face with one another in the middle of the narrow alley. They greet each other with looks of puzzlement.

*the sound of a long chain unravelling*     

The trio look in the direction of the metallic sound as a figure erupts from the shadows unleashing a length of metal chain towards them. The silvery metal line scythes into the motionless Paladin and Brother Kelly and narrowly misses the tumbling Halfling.

And a melee ensues.

Three Swords against a Length of Sharpened Chain...and the contest is well matched and hard fought!  The assailant seemingly able to move like water and attack all three members of the party simultaneously and without breaking a sweat. Eventually the numbers begin to tell and the hooded figure is finally knocked to the ground and disarmed.

Unmasked, he appears to be a Rhenee and is bleeding profusely from many sword thrusts.

*High above, the Gods cluster around the scene to see what will happen next*

The Paladin lay hands on the fallen Rhenee and stops his imminent demise.

*High above, Pelor sighs audibly*

The trio require information and they have a bound and helpless Rhenee at their feet and in their mercy. The Rhenee however, looks like a professional and probably won't give anything away without some physical enducement.

Korbin knows what needs to be done, but the men of the cloth look to their teachings and seek spritual guidance, What would their God do? What would Dabe do?

The Paladin looks to the murderous glint in Korbin's young eyes, he notes the general amblivance / acceptance of, that which will occur to the captured man very soon in Brother Kelly emotionless face .

*High Above, there is standing room only in the Heavenly Viewing Gallery*

Baron Quentin decides that this is indeed the time when he bought that Ketian Rug he had his eye on in the Greyhawk Bazaar. It's just gonna look lovely by the fireplace in the study back at Candle Keep.

Giving a deft nod to Brother Kelly, the holy warrior departs to acquire his prized floor covering, leaving erstwhile Halfling to unsheath this daggar and get to work.

*High Above, Pelor's unconscious body being borne along many upturned hands to the waiting medical services*

Upon returning, Baron Quentin is "surprised" to the find that the bound and helpless Rhenee has died from his wounds. Brother Kelly informs the warrior that the man must have had a heart condition that they were all unaware of, an coronary "Daggarintheheartism".

Well, remarks the Baron Quentin, fancy that! Oh well can't be helped.

Information gleamed and digested, the trio return to the Black Dragon Inn to fill in the rest of the party on what's they've learned and to be learned in what's they've missed.

*High Above, on a Helpline for Paladin's Anonymous*


Yes, erm my name is Pelor...and I have a problem...

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