Friday, 9 April 2010

Greyhawk Campaign Overview

An Overview

It is 5 years hence...

The young teenagers that set off from Hookhill all those years ago are now men, men in their earlier twenties (racial differences aside) and sporting appetites to match.

Of the group, the majority have remained in Orlane for most of this time, and for most of *this* time, they have spent it in the Griffon's Head. Their pub,  serving their beer, and eating the food they like to eat. For 5 long years.

The Griffin's Head patrons include a borderline obese Durkwood Littlelegs (not quite the DEX 19 acrobat we all remember 8-)), a red eyed and bot bellied Ulrich von Himmler (not as strong as legend would have and nor clearly as fell handed), a wiser Brother Kelly whose strict martial & mental discipline has kept his body and mind in great shape and finally a wonderously debauched Caerendil, whose elvish heritage making him seemingly immune to the physical ravages instigated on his own body. 

Most reckon his singing and musical prowess have improved during the years of easy living..but  again, actual adventuring acumen has sustained a long, steep and downward spiral. 

*Baron* Nibble-Pibbly is also a man of quiet contemplation these days. After clearing out most of the southern Dim Forest & Oyt Wood of evil denizens, possibly evil denizens, borderline evil denizens, anything that could possibly have the 'evil' adjective applied to it, etc, the knight now spends his time breeding chitlins and restoring ancient manuscripts. The area around Candle Keep has never known so much peace. 

Starfast Chaos-Destroyer is the sole exception to this rule of easy living wrought by peace. The old war dog has plied his trade from Geoff to the Ulek Principalities, raising and leading men into battle time and time again. His battered armour may have seen better days but his sword has never been keener.

Returning from Geoff as winter brings another years campaigning to a close until the spring, the myrmidon settles into his 'old' room at Griffon's Head and listens once more to retelling of tales and deeds of yesterday by the inn's resident bard.

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